Christmas 2013

This year we traveled for Christmas, we just returned home yesterday after a week away.... my house is a disaster, everyone in the house has been sick, I haven't slept in a week, but it was a fantastic holiday.  It was filled with lots of family, friends, laughter, and love.

We stayed at my in-laws house, and spent a lot of our time with the kids cousins.   There are 9 kids total on that side of the family, and they are all really close in age.  7 of the nine are age 4 and about chaos!

Christmas Eve we went to an early Mass and then spent the evening at my SIL's house.  

Church was a major struggle.  The kids are very used to Mass, as we go almost every week, but JD was sick, the small chapel was crowded, they were hyper, and it was just a mess.  

When we got home the kids set out cookies for Santa, and Joshua decided he was feeling well enough to share the Santa cookies!  

Christmas morning was so fun.  Christmas Day was great.  Lots of family.  It was also extra special celebrating Joshua's very 1st Christmas.  He had a good day, and pushed through even though being terribly sick.  

I am hoping to get back to a regular posting schedule soon.... but every time someone starts feeling better, another gets sick.  Also up next is JD's 1st Birthday celebration!!!  

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