Midweek Confessions : Holiday Style

Today I am linking up with Elizabeth from E, Myself, and I for some midweek confessions....

{one} First off, did y'all read E's post about Elf on the Shelf..... pure amazingness! We don't do the elf thing, and well I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out what to tell the kids when they ask one day why an elf doesn't come visit them... I really would love to tell them that their mama makes them behave all year long, so Santa doesn't find the need to send an effing creepy elf to our house.....but luckily the kids haven't asked. #joking #maybenot

{two} Today was Lillian's Christmas program at school, and let me tell you she looked adorable. I got so many compliments.  And yea, you know how there is always that one kid that just screams the words to "away in a manger" to sound the loudest....and the parents think it's cute, unless it's your kid and you slump down but hold the video camera up even higher, just to be sure you have the evidence as payback during the terrible teenage years.... #thatsmydaughter #atleastshescute

{three}  I swear I did not go overboard with buying presents this year, I actually think I did pretty well.  Yet somehow, I feel we will be playing tetras trying to fit everything in the car.  Why does this happen every year. 

{four}  My 2 big kids wrote with crayon on my van seats a few weeks ago.... yes I am still furious, and no I haven't cleaned it up yet....

Alright.  That is all for today.  I have now completely made nap time into "Samantha reads and plays online time instead of getting real work done".  Man I am never going to be ready to leave this weekend.

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