Joshua - 11 Months

Every month I take these photos, and ALWAYS think I got no good shots.  I think I am going to have to take them again another day.  The truth is, these monthly updates aren't about the perfect photos, they are about documenting Joshua at the stage he is at.  Capturing the looks that have changed, the personality, the little things that I never want to forget. 

Joshua is cruising on furniture, walls, anything really, he loves making his big sis hold his hands to walk him around, but no standing or walking yet.  I know he could if he would just let go!  He is waving, saying hi, saying mama, and climbing stairs like a champ.

He has really become a Daddy's boy recently.  He is realizing that Daddy is the fun one, that makes bedtime interesting.  I am the only one who can put him down.  If he wakes in the night, it has to be me to get up and go in, he sees Daddy he thinks it's play time.

 He really is starting to act like the baby of the family, being the youngest sibling myself, now that I think of it, my husband is too, he is starting to realize all the attention is on him.  His brother and sister think he is hilarious, which makes him act out even more.  

We are all so excited for the coming weeks.  Last year all I could think was how I didn't want to be in the hospital over Christmas, and here we are already a year later.  1st Christmases are always so special and exciting.  Last year we had to make the decision to stay home to be close to the doctor/hospital, this year we are packing up and heading back to Pennsylvania to be with family. 

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