Just because I am a stay at home mom....

.....doesn't mean my house is always spotless.
....doesn't mean I want to sit and play barbies for hours.
.....doesn't mean my family eats a home cooked meal every night.
.....doesn't mean I have time/energy to workout everyday.
.....doesn't mean I don't need a good night sleep and should get up every time someone cries.
....doesn't mean I have time to be room mom, PTO lady, take snack to soccer every week lady.
.....doesn't mean I sit in front of the tv eating bon bons during nap time.
.....doesn't mean I need paint, do crafts, and spend every waking minute giving my children attention.

Some days (like yesterday) I breakdown, seeing myself a failure because I just wanted a half an hour of quiet, sitting to myself.  Not telling my 6 year old to clean up yet another mess, listening to my 4 year old go on and on and on and on and on and on all day....wonder where she gets that from, not pulling my 11 month old away from the bathroom door dozens of times a minute.  It isn't always perfect.  It's never perfect.  I am never going to play with my kids as much as I should, while having a spotless house, and a hot delicious dinner on the table each night. 

I don't know why I expect that out of myself.  I would think after 6 years of being a mother I would realize that my house will be clean in about 17 years when my children are gone......and I don't even want to think about that.

No matter how tiring, loud, exhausting, annoying, frustrating, gross, or messy each day gets, it is worth it.  It. Is. Worth. It.

Because I am a stay at home mom.....

....means I get to see every milestone.
....means I get to kiss every boo boo.
....means I get to cheer every base hit.
....means I get to be the homework helper each day.
.....and the snack maker.
....means I do occasionally if the stars align get to lay down for about 20 during nap time and close my eyes. Which is my saving grace. 
...means I get to be the first one they see after school dismissal.
....means I get to be the one to hear all about their adventures at school.
.....means I get to smell the straight out of the bath and into pjs smell.
.....means I get the bedtime snuggles reading stories.
.....means I get the good night kisses and I Love You Mommy.

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  1. Yes! I have all those feelings!