When Your Home Organization Fails

Organization in your home make life so much easier, and I believe with kids, it is a must to stay sane.  Life with kids gets chaotic, messy, and tiring.  Having systems in place to make things even the tiniest bit easier, is worth it. 

But what happens when that fails.

When everyday you seem more behind than when you started that morning.  When you feel like you are ALWAYS cleaning the same messes, writing the same schedule over and over, searching for a paper that should not have been misplaced.

Something needs to change.

I love organizing my home.  It is a passion of mine.  I pride myself in having a clutter free, running smoothly living space.  But sometimes things need to change.  Sometimes the systems I have in place stop working. 

So, What do I do to change that, and get out of the slump?  Below are my 5 tips for re-organizing your organized life.

1.  Sit and really address what the problem is.  What isn't working, and why?  For me recently, I realized I had way too many calendars I was trying to update and keep on top of all at one time.  I had my life planner, my refrigerator calendar, my iCal app.... it was just to much to keep track of.  And really who needs to write things down that many times.  I then knew that I had to let go, and get rid of an organizational element. I stopped tracking our events and schedule on my phone.  It really never got used, I was really just doing it as a back up.

2.  Start from scratch.  Don't be too attached to an organizing project you completed years ago.  Yea, it may have worked great at them time, but now things don't, so it needs to be changed.  My linen closet worked great when we were just a family of 4 with no babies in the house.  Once JD joined us, we also had more of everything.  Baby medicine, Baby Shampoo, Baby Towels....it took up a lot of space, that I hadn't allocated earlier.  I needed to step back and start over.

3.  Buy something new.  Although not my husbands favorite tactic, it always works wonders.  Buying a new set of pens, or post its, a new binder or notebook makes the world of difference when I am organizing paperwork.  If it is an area in the house, a new bin or shelf.  It doesn't have to be a huge overhaul, but it gets you excited to use the space again.

4.  Look for new inspiration.  Take a half hour, sit with some coffee, or my favorite, hot chocolate, and surf the web.  Start on Pinterest, and gather inspiration for that particular space you are trying to fix.  Write out ideas on paper, so they don't get lost. 

5.  Don't create a space that doesn't work for you.  Just because you see this amazing idea, whether in a magazine, on a blog, or on tv, doesn't mean it will work for you.  A space needs to be comfortable, livable, and accommodating  to your needs.  I guarantee that whatever you see that is staged and photographed is not real life.  No real person or family has a living room with no toys, a kitchen with no dishes, or a floor with no crumbs.  Don't think that that is the idea of true organization.

Also always remember,  EVERYONE has their Monica Closet....

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