25 Days of Christmas: 25 Ways To Spread Love This Season

During the stressful times the holidays can bring, it is so hard to remember to spread some cheer.  Also giving back to others is so important and something we like to really teach our children this time of year.

25 Ways To Spread Love This Season

1. Send Holiday Cards.
2. Be an Angel.  Our church is where we do this, but schools, hospitals, and other organizations give people the opportunity to buy gifts for children and families in need.
3. Donate toys and clothes to charity. 
5. When going through the drive through, purchase the meal (or coffee) order for the car behind you. This story is amazing, cars paid it forward 55 times!
6. Help Someone carry groceries out to their car.
7. Leave random Holiday cards on cars in a parking lot.
8. Buy a bunch of travel size items and give to a person asking for spare change.  Love This idea.
9. Go through your cupboards and donate to your local food shelter.
10. Visit the Fire Station with some homemade goodies.  ( I saw this on I Love You More Than Carrots and LOVE IT!)
11. Leave an extra nice tip while at a restaurant.
12. Donate some of your old books to your child's school.
13. Send a sweet treat into your spouses office for him to share with co-workers.
14. Thank a service member.
15. Leave unused coupons on the shelf at the grocery store.
17. Help an elderly family member with their shopping or decorating.
18. If you are able, donate blood.
19. Offer to babysit for a friend.
20. Purchase some new school supplies for you child's teacher.
21. Leave some change on a random vending machine.
22. While Holiday shopping, add the extra dollar to your bill to support St. Jude.  (My Goal this year is to say "yes" every time I am asked.)
23. Shovel your neighbors sidewalks.
24. If traveling this holiday season, pay the toll for the car behind you.
25. Invite someone to celebrate the holiday with you who may not have family nearby.

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