Five On Friday

Man, I have been so scatter brain lately, and wow I am having a tough time getting back on track.  This weekend I am going to buckle down and get it together.  For now, some 5 on Friday!
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1. So part of my crazy mushed brain, is the fact that I just realized I have less than 2 months to organize, start, work on, and complete Joshua's scrapbook for his 1st Birthday.  Completing a scrapbook for the kids 1st year is something I have done, and really love looking back through it.  I REALLY don't have the time, but I am going to make it a priority until finished. 

2. I am so excited that my iPad folio finally arrived.  it is from Erin Condren, and I love it!  I also featured it in my first monthly favorites video on my YouTube Channel, so check it out!  Oh and I can't believe they informed me that this is over my 5th order with them!

3.  While I am complaining about how behind I am, I am pretty proud that my Christmas Cards have been ORDERED!  I took the photos a few weeks ago, made up a rough draft of the card with snapfish, and once a 40% off and free shipping offer came in my inbox, I had to finish it up and order!

4.  Speaking of the Christmas card photos, every mom knows the photos you see on the card, are few and far between.... real life is your baby screaming, your daughter yanking his arm, nearly dislocating his shoulder, and your son screaming at her to stop.  This moment also obviously happened to be the moment a couple was walking past during their hike.....

5.  I am thinking about making and sharing my holiday planning binder with y'all. Well I am certainly making it, and sharing it.... the unsure is whether to make my own printables, or just to find some I like online.....  What do you think, any interest in Holiday Prep Printables?????

Up next week I ACTUALLY have a real organization project, which I think is a MUST for any family, it takes little time, not too much cost, and is so worth the effort.....

**Here's the sneak peak**

Be sure to check it out!

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