Organizing Important Documents

If there is one organizational project that should be done in your home, this would be toward the very top of my list.  Organizing your family's important documents will bring such relief when you are done.  You will never have that feeling of thinking you misplaced your child's social security card, or your marriage license.  

The first step is to invest in a Safe .  Ours was a wedding gift, which is an awesome idea.  It is waterproof, fireproof, and of course locks.

The only other purchased items I used for this project were Hanging File Folders and File Folders.

I have my safe divided into 4 sections.

1.  My Husband and I. Important documents in this section include:
- Birth Certificates
-Immunization Records
- Baptism Certificates
- Marriage License
- Savings Bonds

2.  Kids, each child has a separate haning folder, and probably 4 file folders to divide things.  Important documents in this section include:
- Birth Certificates
-Hospital Records from their birth
-Footprints, Child ID's
-Medical Records from a previous Pediatricians office
- Baptism Certificates
- Savings Bonds
-Bank Account Information

3. Taxes.  Pretty self explanatory, we keep a printed record of our taxes each year.

4.  Other Important Information.
-Receipts from very big purchases.  Also paperwork from when we sold a vehicle.
- All Homeowners Insurance Information.
-Life Insurance Paperwork.
- A copy of our Wills.
-Paperwork and documents from the purchase of our home.

Be sure to head over to my YouTube Channel, to watch the coordinating video, it is much easier to see how I break everything down.

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  1. This is really organized! I have a similar system, but it's in a binder. This makes it easy to grab if there's a need to evacuate the house. It would be a good idea to keep the binder in a fireproof safe and just take that out if there's a need. Here's a link to mine: