Five On Friday

How it is already Friday is beyond me, YAY for short weeks.  Keeping it simple today with some 5 on Friday!

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1. Can you believe we are now less than 2 weeks till Thanksgiving!  I have done no holiday shopping yet at all, I did however, finish my Holiday Planning Binder, so I at least feel a bit more prepared for the coming weeks! 
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2.  Anyone else feel like the Holiday season is being rammed down our throats way too early this year?  Last year I did shop and prepare early in case Joshua arrived early, but man I just want to enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner first, it that too much to ask?  I also really enjoy Black Friday shopping, and have gone at 10pm Thanksgiving Night before to shop (mainly because I get to go without kids or husband!), but would never spend my Thanksgiving Day shopping.  

I am also having a REALLY hard time trying to decide on gifts this year.  There are so many toys in our house, and I feel like I am constantly going through them deciding how to downsize.  Why add more to that.  I say every year I am going to do less, but this year I am really going to try.  We are traveling this year too, which means space is an issue, so I WILL NOT GO OVERBOARD! (on repeat in my head!)

3.  In the 6+ Years  that I have been a mom, I have never once made home made play dough.... I know, I know..... #perfectpinterestmomfail..... but seriously, had I known it was so easy, I would have done it sooner!  The kids of course loved it, and it was a nice change in play during the cold days we have had.

4.  The big kids had off school for Veterans Day, so we headed to a local Bounce Place, to get out some energy.  Let me tell you, this kid, did not stop moving the entire time we were there....   

5. My goal for the weekend, work on the mountains of laundry.  They are actually all clean and folded, just needed to be put away.  Also I am hoping my HUGE photo order arrives so I can start on Joshua's scrapbook...


  1. Christmas is definitely being forced on us earlier and earlier. Poor Thanksgiving cannot get any love.

    I've always wanted to make play dough too....may have to try it now!

  2. Haha, totally agree on the Thanksgiving thing! I feel like everyone has forgotten it this year! And I did make the playdough, my little lady loved it!!!

    Stopping in from the link-up,