Five On Friday!


My husband and I have this strange, and completely crazy tradition of putting our children inside a pumpkin on their first Halloween.  Matthew and Lilly were much younger, JD is almost 10 months old, and obviously so much bigger, so yea, it was a big fail!


Tonight is our first of many Halloween events.  It is the Halloween party at Matthew's school.  Here is a little sneak peak of JD's costume, because I just couldn't not share!


I am obsessed with Bath and Body Works candles.  I mean it really is an issue.  While burning all fall scents in the kitchen, dining, and living areas, our room I use completely different scents.  I was burning Lavender Vanilla, but just started a Japanese Cherry Blossom, and O-M-G is is amazing!


I really LOVE making videos for my YouTube Channel, and love all the new subscribers and video views I am getting.  I actually feel so guilty that I haven't been filming and posting.  I am REALLY hoping to get back to it.  I am thinking that my free time this weekend needs to be focusing on getting my online life back in order if that makes sense! 


If you are a frequent reader, you know my OBSESSION with Erin Condren.  I have been a customer for YEARS, love the life planner, stickers, address labels, cards, iphone cases.  I am SO happy about their new referral program.  So here is the deal, you click THIS LINK, sign up, you get a 10$ off coupon for your first order!  Now just so we are all transparent here, I also receive credit for the referral.  It's a win win!  I just order my iPad case, and will review once I get it.

one last thing, look what's coming up next week, be sure to stop back to check it out!!


Hope Everyone has a wonderful weekend!  We have our last tball game of the season, then just relaxing and playing catch up, excited for a fresh start in November!


  1. Omg the pumpkin pics are tooooo funny!!! :)

  2. Cute pumpkin pics! We did those with Lily and Liam. Wish I had done it with the older two!