31 Days 2013 : Day 2

{Day 2}

To me, being a stay at home mom really doesn't describe my role.  Yes, I stay home, taking care of our children, but it is so much more than that.  One of my main purposes for staying home is creating a loving, caring, relaxing environment within the walls of our house.  On a good week, my goal is to have all the housework complete, billing done, meals prepared.  That way weekends and even evenings can be spent as a family.... playing, relaxing, resting, watching football, going on adventures.  

I also try to complete most errands while my husband is at work/kids at school.  Even Lilly's gymnastics class is a morning during the week.  Now as the kids get bigger, that will change, we will have sports/activities evenings and weekends (that is inevitable and already starting), but doing what I can to make the time we are together less stressful with the chaos of maintaining a home, well then, I have done my job. 

This obviously is not the case all the time, but every Monday morning as I plan out my week, that is the goal.


  1. I agree- one of our biggest jobs is to make our homes a safe place, a place of peace. I try too to have things done when my husband gets home so we can spend all our time doing whatever we want as a family when he is home.

  2. Love this! I think being a sahm is one of the best gifts you can give your hubs! Mine def appreciates the laundry being done, dinner and a not-stressed from work wife! :)