Carving Pumpkins

Not going to even lie, this year I have not been that into "all things fall".  October has been a blur, the weather has been either complete rain for days on end, or 90 degrees, and with traveling, it has just not been a priority. 

Today that changed.  Although I am not a huge Halloween fan, like at all, I do love sharing traditions with my kids.  We carve pumpkins every year. (2012)   Every year it is always working around my husband's insane fall work schedule, but we fit it in.  

We had such a fun evening, and it is yet another first marked off JD's list.  

Over the next week we have 2 school Halloween parties, Trick or Treating on Halloween, and possibly a story time fit in here and there as well.

Last night is exactly what I needed to get me into the spirit of the changing seasons.

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  1. I'm a huge fan of the Fall season, but not a fan of all the rain we get! (I'm from Seattle!). But pumpkin carving will definitely help you get in the mood a little bit!