31 Days 2013 : Day 6

Although I have been keeping up with the 31 day challenge, I am finding it kind of, um, boring.  I love ready others posts, but I think I just threw a topic together, and it is really not fun.  So I am back to my regular posting topics and schedule tomorrow.  I thought about sticking it out for the remainder of the month, but that is not what my blog is about, I don't want to just get through the month.  I wan to write because it is time I look forward to each day.

So tomorrow, JD's NINE month update!  How this child is already 9 months is beyond me.

Also, the next few weeks may be a bit sporadic.   There is just a lot going on, and we are getting ready to travel, I am getting ready to spend a few days working (yep, me...) and yea, October is just a bit all over the place.

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