Superbowl Sunday

My husband works so hard, it is nice that he really loves his job, and it is nice that he gets to go to cool places, meet amazing people, and do some pretty cool stuff.  He is in Vegas, and yesterday he had to work during the Superbowl.  Oh, but don't feel bad for him, this is what he got to do.....

He was at a Superbowl viewing party in Vegas, he basically is that guy that makes everything in the picture above look the way it does.  It is really awesome for him, to be in such a nice hotel, watching the superbowl at a huge party. 

But me, I sat at home.  First half I was playing pirates with my kiddos, then it was getting them to bed (quickly) and finally sitting to relax and watch the game.  It is just a reminder that the job I have is most definitely not glamorous, but I know in my heart it is so worth it (even when at times it doesn't feel like it).

My reward is not only in the feel of the goodnight hugs and kisses, but also my amazing husband telling me how much easier I make it on him when he is gone.  He knows everything will run smoothly and the kids will be fine, because I have it so under control (I must be like a duck on the water, cause most times I am waddling like hell just to stay afloat!).

I know without any doubt that my place is at home, taking care of my family, and missing half the game and almost all the commercials trying to get my kids to bed, getting more water, turning back on music, and taking my son potty 1 more time before they eventually fall asleep!

I did give myself a bit of a break yesterday, and instead of making food for the big day (I would be the only one to eat it) I ordered pizza and used paper plates, which meant minimal clean up and no dishes!


  1. I know your husband is blessed to have a wife like you!! I didn't see much of the first half of the game as I was watching our son while we were at a party, but we came home at halftime and got him to bed so we could watch the rest. I always enjoy when I don't have to cook and clean up. Have a great week

    1. Thank you for the kind words!