Our Summer Schedule.

With Summer finally here, I took the time this past weekend to get everything in order.  Last year I did a summer bucket list.  This year I went with an ABC's of Summer, along with a Daily 5 and Weekly 5.

{Our ABC's of Summer is filled with fun things we hope to do this summer.} 

{Our Daily 5 is 5 things that are to be completed everyday}

{Our Weekly 5 are things that we hope to do once a week}

Lastly, this summer we challenged our 5 year old to read 100 books.  These must be independent reads, and cannot include our regular bedtime stories.  After completing a book he has to fill out a paper where he puts the setting, characters, and what happened in the beginning middle and end of the story.  

Happy Summer Everyone!!


  1. I love this, especially the daily 5 and weekly 5! The daily 5 will def. help you out and its good to incorporate chores! We are doing the library reading program and just finished level 1 last night.

  2. Great idea! Hope to do things like this when my kids are older!