Lilly's 4th Birthday

 Yesterday we celebrated Lilly's 4th Birthday (yes a day late, it happens).  We started off with a candle muffin for breakfast.  We went to a bounce house for the morning, our original plans were our local spray ground, but it was very cloudy. 

After we came home because Lilly was in desperate need for a nap (yep, my 4 year old still naps everyday, you can be jealous!).  Anyway, Matthew and I decorated the house for when she woke up.  She wanted a Cinderella theme.

I also did cupcakes this year instead of a cake.

 Then there were the presents, of course!  Her big gifts were a LeapPad/accessories and a backpack for school in the fall.

And just look at all those blue them!

 We had a great day, and am pretty sure the birthday girl was a happy princess!

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  1. What a cute princess with her princess cupcakes! Happy Bday!