52 Weeks of Blogging- Week Two - 10 Things I Live For

Today I am starting a wonderful series hosted by one of my favorite blog reads, From Mrs. To Mama

You can read more about the link up Here.  

Today's Show and Tell - - 10 Things I Live For.

This photo is the best image for the things I live for.
10.  Holidays spent with family.
9. Snuggling up on a rainy day watching a good chick flick

8. Vacations

7.  A nice hot day spent by the pool.

6. Hearing my kids laugh.

5. Time away from "real life" to just relax and spend time together

4. Joshua.

3. Lillian.

2. Matthew.

1.  My Husband.  My Best Friend. 

This week we are back in our favorite spot, relaxing, and not only soaking in the sun, but also all the time we get to spend together.  No School, No Work, No Housework, No Sports.  Just us.  Family. Sunshine. and Beach Air.

I am loving every minute.

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