Top 10 Tuesday

Top Ten {Tuesday}

Today I am linking up with Oh Amanda for Top Ten Tuesday!

Ten things you will most likely see on my blog....

10. Incorrect grammar and spelling.  I am not an English teacher and this blog is not professional.  I am usually writing while doing 3 other things and thinking about 20.  

9. Recipes.  I love to cook.  I love to share the things I cook/bake.  However, when I share a recipe I think the easiest way to share is through picture of the process and not an actual recipe.  It is more a step by step.  I don't use measurements, but I think I make good food.

8. PINS.  I love Pinterest (it is actual the reason for the demise of my old blog, I stopped paying attention to the blog, and pinned like a mad woman!)  I figured out a way to integrate the two.

 7.  Activities I do with my little ones.  I love to share the fun day to day things that we do.  Whether it be a morning at the local park or a craft that we did that day, I like to share.

6.  Photos.  I love taking pics.  My husband was so nice and bought me a fancy DSLR Camera, but that doesn't mean you are going to be able to tell from my pictures.  Have the fancy camera, but am still learning how to use it, so my photos aren't going to be anything spectacular.

5. Organization.  I organize everything.  

4. My views on things.  I am not afraid to say what I feel.  So if there is a situation or a current event that I have an opinion on, I will write it, it is my blog after all right??

3. A little of this and a little of that.  I do love reading blogs that concentrate on 1 topic, but that isn't me.  I want to document my life as a housewife, and all that are housewives know that you can't narrow that down.  I wear many hats, and I will write about all of them.

2. My inconsistency on whether to have more kids.  1 day I am ready to have another baby and am picking out decor, the next I am tagging baby clothes to sell because we are done.  The truth is, at this point, I have no clue what is going to happen, and I need to learn to give up the control freak, and deal with the fact that it is a big decision that we aren't ready to make.

1.  ME.  I am never fake, I will not change my opinions about anything, I say what I feel, and I am who I am.  On my old blog I used to worry about followers and stats and comments.  And while I love the Lovin' I AM NOT going to let that consume me this time around.  I am not going to host giveaways or do ads or sponsors.  When it comes down to it this blog is something to challenge me, but I learn a lot doing this, and I push myself to do something for me once a day.


  1. Dropping by from the link-up. From the looks of it, sounds like I'll enjoy reading your blog! :)

  2. Anonymous17.1.12

    Hi! Stopped in from Top Ten Tuesday, and I can see I'll be coming by to read more.