A Day At the Dr.

Last week Lillian was not feeling well and when she slept almost an entire day I knew it was time to see the pediatrician.  The beginning of January we had to decided to switch to a Dr. that was closer to our house, and we had yet to meet her, well our first visit was an eventful one.  We arrived and after meeting the doc and talking for a few minutes she ordered a chest xray (which is oh so fun with a sick 2 year old).  Then we did a breathing treatment, which is also a blast.  The xrays came back and it confirmed Pneumonia.  We waited for about an hour and received an injection of meds (Poor girl slept on me the entire wait, and thankfully Matthew was in school at the time).  We picked up a prescription and then Matthew, and headed home for a weekend of staying home and not doing much of anything.  Good thing is she is starting to eat again, and not sleep as much.  Also I really adore our new doctor and am very happy at how she handled the situation.

{Our very sick, tired and cranky girl}

I hate when my kiddos are sick, and we have been so lucky that before this the worst illness we had in our household was an ear infection.  I of course am having horrible mommy guilt for not taking her in sooner, but with just a cough and a fever that had gone away I thought it was just a cold that would pass on its own.

I am hoping this is the end of germs in our house this winter (we were all already sick over Christmas).

**So I took Matthew to the doctor today (after originally typing this) and of course he has an ear infection, why wouldn't he.  Thankfully he isn't complaining at all, he didn't even mention his ear bothering him.  

My to-do for the day is to Clorox everything in sight!

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