Cookbook Organization

 I love looking through cookbooks for new ideas and inspiration in the kitchen.  I am not a fan of clutter though, and sometimes storing cookbooks can lead to clutter on a bookshelf, or in a cabinet.  I do a few things to keep my cookbooks accessible but not an annoyance.

{1}  First tip is to not keep a ton of books.  I have around 10 and that is my limit.  When I actually do buy cookbooks, I always buy from the bargain shelf, and once I read through them and copy the recipes I love, I donate them to the library.

{2} Instead of buying cookbooks, use the local library.  We go to the library for story time once a week anyway, so I take 5 extra minutes after picking the kid's books and head over to the cookbooks.  I don't get a lot of time to pick out a few, so sometimes I get a book and find nothing new, but it is a free way to look through a ton of new cookbooks.

{3}Instead of cookbooks, look online.  There are so many sites dedicated to food, so use them!

A look at my cookbook organization:

{I have a Bakers Rack in my kitchen that was one of the first gifts my husband ever bought me.  I use the bottom for the cook books.}

{Larger books plank each side, and smaller are placed in a basket}

{I love the idea for smaller books in a basket, it keeps it looking clean, and organized}

Here is how I choose what cookbooks to keep and which to filter out.  I LOVE my  Better Homes New Cookbook, it is a reprint of the 1953 Edition, the recipes are amazing, and I love everything about this book, it is something I will never get rid of.

I also love having general cooking and baking books.  The Ones on the left from Taste of Home were $5 each on clearance.  

 Church cookbooks always have the best recipes in them, and my MIL knows I love them, so I have a few of those.  

Other than that, most others will eventually get donated, and I will find new.  I always love a good slow cooker book, and new ideas for the little ones.  

I also have a VERY unorganized binder that holds all magazine/printed/written out recipes.  Organizing that is on the list of things to accomplish!

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  1. I have WAY TOO MANY cookbooks. I'm talking easily over a 100. Luckily, I have a ton of storage space in my house, and glass door cabinets in my kitchen where I store the ones that are pretty/used often. I have the Better Homes and Garden one. I bought it on clearance years ago, and I love it! My system is each week I'll pick up one, look through it for a recipe to try. If I like the recipe, it gets transferred to a card that goes into my recipe box. I'm fully aware that I will never try every single recipe in my all my cookbooks, but I can't stop buying them (on clearance, mostly!) I'm a cookbook hoarder.

    1. I used to be the same way, and it started to drive me crazy! I probably still buy the same amount but either donate or give them to my sister....I wish I had an office in my house that I could turn into a cookbook library!

  2. I love cookbooks!! I can just sit and read one like a book. Love them!!