Lunch Packing Made Easy

Lunch making time used to be one of my most stressful times of day.  Trying to find containers with lids that match, deciding foods.... it made mornings so hectic.  Over the years I have found ways to make lunch packing much easier and manageable. 

Starting with food storage.  Keeping items that we use daily in school lunches together, at the kids reach has helped so much.  Not only can they help during the packing process, but I can also at a glance tell if we are running low on items.

We keep yogurts, applesauce, and fruit cups in a bin in the fridge.  We do the same with any juice we may have and smoothies.

This is all at the kids reach.  It is not only great for lunches, but also them helping make breakfast as well.

In our pantry I keep a bin on the floor that holds snack sized items.  These normally come in awkward  boxes, that do not fit right.  The kids will eat through all of the same kind of snack and get sick of it.  With this bin I can mix chips with crackers, add in cookies, and they can have a large variety without the bags being all over the pantry.  

The bottom shelf of the pantry holds granola bars, snack bags I have portioned out from full size bagged items, and other miscellaneous snacks we have.

Aside from the food, I also think it is important to have all school lunch making containers together.
I take the cabinet that already contained a majority of our "kid" stuff.

In this cabinet I have our lunch containers (more info on those below), any thermos containers, water bottles, and the kids lunch boxes.

On the inside door of this cabinet I put any papers that come home from school regarding lunches.  Lunch menu, instructions from the teacher, etc.  I also found this great printable from Inkwell Press and added it there as well (Inkwell Printable)  In the past when I would plan out the kids lunches I would put that menu in as well.  Here is my printable calendar to meal plan lunches (HERE)

As far as the products I use and would recommend, the Lands End Lunchboxes.  I have used these for years for the kids and I just LOVE them.  Also Listed below are some of my favorite accessories for packing lunches.

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To see more please watch the video below!

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