10 Tips To Prep For Back To School

When it comes to getting the kids ready to head back to school in the fall, I really try to not only prepare them, but also our home, schedules, and myself.  It is a big adjustment from the lazy carefree life we live during those glorious summer months.

The kids adjust much easier if our routines are set, our home is organized, and their mom isn't a frazzled mess!

As I looked back on my Back To School Series from last year, I found it so amazing that my tips this year were pretty much identical to past years (READ HERE) , and the preparations really haven't changed much!

So below are 10 of my tips to prepare, but I would also love to hear yours in the comments as well.

10.  Go through kids clothing and PURGE!  

Depending on where you live and the weather will change this, but the end of August/ beginning of September is a great time of year for us to clear out clothing.  Keeping a few warmer weather pieces, but mostly transition into cooler weather clothing.  I also use this time to clear out anything that doesn't fit, anything with stains, and clean out and organize drawers. 

9. Envision your schedule and anticipate any conflicts.

Nothing stresses me out more than having to be 2 places at the same time.  Since my husband works a bit far from home and has a long commute, most evening activities for the kids rely on me to get them there.  I cannot be more than one place at the same time, no matter how hard I try.  While conflicts cannot always be avoided, I to try to schedule things that won't overlap.

8.  Don't take on TOO much.

Not easy, but totally a necessity to keeping my sanity.  When asked to volunteer for things, I always say I have to check my schedule, so I can sit down outside of that moment of being asked and really determine if it is something I can commit my time to.  I started out when Matthew started school of saying YES to everything, and I got burnt out so quickly.  It wasn't fair to my family, or myself.  

7. Stock your fridge and freezer.

Not eases my stress level more than having a stocked fridge and freezer.  This helps in so many ways.  From not having to run to the store every night for items missing to make dinner, to being able to pull out an easy meal on a night when what was on my meal plan wasn't working.

6. Keep a simple meal plan.

Speaking on menu planning, the first week or so of school I like to keep meals easy and quick.  The less clean up and prep time the better!  I also like to make foods I know my kids won't fuss over.

5.  Have info all in one place.  (Emergency Contact / Addresses)

So many forms come home that first week of school.  I like to gather any information I know I will need before hand, so I have it ready to go.

4. All paperwork in and back out ASAP.

This is probably my favorite tip.  Anytime a paper comes home in the kids folders that needs my attention I do it right then.  I take the 5-10 minutes after school while the kids are putting shoes away, washing hands, and having snack to go through their backpacks.  I sign forms,  makes notes of dates, anything really.  My rule is, any form that comes home in the folder that needs sent back is done on the same day.  Occasionally this doesn't work if I need to confirm something, but for the most part it does.  This helps in not forgetting to send things back, loosing papers.....

3. Establish routines early.

Take the week before school to lock down the routine.  Going to bed early, waking up when you will need to.  Instead of lounging in the morning at a snails pace, we get up / get ready / eat and try to have all those things done by the time we would leave for school.

2.  Binder for all school info.

I simply take a binder, have a tab for each child, and inside you can find anything from sports schedules, class rules, teacher contact info, report cards, progress reports.  Anything that comes home, doesn't get returned, yet I need to keep for reference.  By the end of the year I have quite the pile of paperwork, but it is all things I needed, and it is all organized in a binder, not a pile on a counter or in a drawer.


While I really think getting organized and planning ahead will make things so much easier, just keep things simple, and try not to complicate it too much.  This is an adjustment time for your entire family with routines changing, so it will take some time to get into a groove.

To see my full video on 10 tips to Prep For Back To School Watch Below:

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  1. Great tips!! I would love to hear your thoughts on any back to school traditions you do - pictures, what the kids eat the night before, etc.