Full of Love

Our Valentine's Day/weekend was fabulous.  

Matthew spent his day at school.  He exchanged Valentines and had a small party with his classmates.  I packed him a heart filled lunch.

Lilly and I spent our day making Valentines for the boys, and decorating the dining room for our little Valentine's dinner.

Her lunch was also full of love.  It is kind of dun trying to figure out how many things you can shape into hearts. {For me it was a PB sandwich, Grilled Cheese, Carrots, Potatoes, and sprinkles on plain yogurt.}

 Joshua spent his day doing what he does best, being adorable!

I spent the day making it as special as possible for my hubby and little ones.

 I made cupcakes

Oreo Balls

And a yummy dinner.

 It was a great family day.  Not the most romantic for Matt and I, but so worth it.  We did get to have a nice date night out this weekend when we were staying in PA with family. 


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