A Fresh Start.

For a few weeks now I have been feeling the need for some changes to make things run more smoothly in our house.  There are some things that go really well in our routine, like our bedtime routine, but others that need some attention.  Hopefully within the next month or so I will feel better about the things that need some help.

1.  My kids are such picky eaters.  Me being a short order chef at dinner has GOT to stop.  For the past week I have been making one meal for the entire family, and there is no other option.  It has been hell so far.  Matthew has done really well, and eaten somethings I would have never even put on his plate.  He ate more vegetables this week than I think he has in his life.  Lilly on the other hand....is making this a nightmare.  She refuses to even try anything new.  I think it is the age difference.  Matthew understands that if he just eats it, then it isn't that bad, and he can be done.  Lilly screams, cries, yells, hits, makes us feel like the worst parents in the world.  I am really hoping that if we stick to the plan that she will come around.

2.  This mama needs some time to herself.  I have got to starting eating meals throughout the day, and not just forgetting because I am too busy/tired.  Since we know we are done having kids, I really want to lose the baby weight that has lingered between children for the past 5 years.  Taking the 45 minutes to an hour to work out once a day should not be that difficult.  Yet I seem to never make the time.  This is going to change. I feel so much better once I work out and have so much more energy.

3.  I also need to start taking at least 1 day a week where we just stay home.  Where we get Matthew off to school, then come home and stay until we pick him up.  Play dates are fun, but when we are out of the house every single day, my house becomes a disaster.  I have also noticed that Lilly enjoys being home, playing with toys to herself.

I guess I just feel like now that Joshua is sleeping through the night (yep, my 7 week old is sleeping in his crib, in his room, through the night!  Lucky me) I need to get myself out of that "I have a newborn" phase.  I have no excuse to be tired.  It is time to regain some control over things, and have a little less chaos in our life!

Wish Me Luck!


  1. #1 is tough, but stick with it! It will pay off eventually. One of my twins ate bread & butter at every meal between ages 2-3 because I refused to bend. Now those same meals are her absolute favorites. She'll be 7 next month and I still get a kick out of hearing, "This is delicious, it's my favorite!" And yes, I still cook the same boring dinners from 5 years ago :)

    1. I am finding that with the 5 year old it is much easier. The key is not to give in, but when it is such a battle it is so hard! That is too funny that it is now her favorite. And don't worry, not only do I make the same boring meals, but they are on like a 2 week rotate (I feel so accomplished if I only make tacos twice a month!)