Mid Week Confessions

 Today I am linking up with E, Myself and I for some midweek confessions.

1.  Lol, this may sound silly but I confess that I am terrified of roasting a chicken.  I don't even know why, but I am was.  I worry about under cooking it, and making my family sick.....but I did it and it was delicious! (oh my husband informed me that I cooked it upside down .....oops!)

2.  I confess that I have major baby #3 fever right now.  It had completely gone away for a few months, but it's back.  It is something that my husband and I can just not agree on, or decide on. 

3.  I confess that I have also been "homesick" lately.  We live in Northern VA, but Western PA will always be home, and although I have gotten used to living here, and most of the time am ok with the fact that this is most likely going to be our forever location, I would love to be able to live closer to family, in a much bigger house, with a much bigger yard for much less money.  I want the small town feeling that I grew up with for my kids.

4.  So we thought about starting Potty Training Lilly, and were all excited about it, and then yea, I confess that we really haven't followed through with it.  She is so willing and ready, but unlike with Matthew where we just stayed home until we got the hang of it, that isn't an option with #2.  I confess that she has asked to sit and I have said no (we were walking out the door to leave to pick up Matthew from preschool), I confess on a day where we stayed home I forgot to put her in big girl underwear and work at it.  I also confess that somehow the m&m's from the "potty jar" are somehow disappearing from the jar although Lilly has only gone on the potty a few time....(hangs head in shame)

 6.  Lastly, I confess that I although the normal rule in our house is that for a majority of the day during the week our television is off, all goes out the window in March.  I LOVE college basketball and March is a glorious month for NCAA bball.  So in the background of the normal play noises will be the soothing sounds of Championship Week and the Tournament.  It isn't going to kill 'em.  Yesterday we sorted money out of piggy banks during the Pitt-St. John game!



  1. we have roasted chicken about twice /month..cheap, easy and yummy!!
    I hear you with the potty training AND march madness!! oh well, sometimes we just have to lighten up and enjoy!
    happy weekend.

  2. I'm scared of roasting a whole chicken. I think it's all the years of Thanksgivings where people stress about the turkey.