Family Moments.

This past weekend was wonderful.  It was beautiful here in NoVA and my husband had all weekend off before leaving for a long business trip.  So we just LIVED. 

I didn't open my computer.

I didn't make a list.

I only took a handful of photos, all of which were from my phone.

We just played outside, slept in (well as much as possible with two toddlers), and enjoyed time at home.

The only time we left the house was to go get my son a baseball glove for Tball which is starting soon.

It was fantastic, and so refreshing.  Then yesterday I did the same.  Matthew had school, Lilly had class then we came home and headed to the playground.  I got nothing accomplished until 5pm when I decided I needed to get some work done.  

 Spring is in the air, and for this week I am going to make getting all the fresh air possible my priority!  Sometimes it feels so nice to just unplug and enjoy life.  I mean that is a big reason to stay home with our kids right?


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