Insta-Friday, Insta-Lovin.

life rearranged

 Lately my time with Lilly while Matthew has been in school has been so wonderful. Most days we are busy with her class or a playdate, but we actually had a few days this week to just chill at home. She is at such a fun age, and makes me smile everyday.

I was trying to put away laundry one morning, so she snuggled up with the library books on my bed.
Waiting in the preschool parking lot, I let her come and sit in the front seat, and she felt so special.  Also this morning we did a popcorn date at Target.
Playing dress up and putting on "lips"
Isn't her jewelry just divine!
Another morning she was very tired (I had to wake her to get Matthew to school on time) so we came home and cuddled up with all her "pets" and watched a movie.

Sometimes I am so busy scheduling things, running errands, and getting out of the house that I forget how wonderful it is to just hang out here at home.


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  1. Cute! I love the photo of her in the mirror! :)