Doing It All.....Online

I have recently realized that it's impossible.  The process behind putting out a quality Blog Post or YT  Video takes time.  Something that this busy SAHM just can't seem to have enough of.  I have never been a "good" writer, I actually kinda suck at it.  If I would have known YouTube was going to be a thing back in 2007 when my very first blog was born, I most likely would have taken that route from the get go.  I just like talking in person so much better, I feel comfortable in front of my camera compared to behind my keys.  

That being said, my blog has been like a 4th baby, back to when there really were no babies at all.  It was a way for me to connect with any sort of world outside our small, crappy apartment footsteps outside of the big city (my how things have changed.... it would take A LOT of footsteps to make it into the city now).  At that time it was me, my husband, and my new world of other pregnant mama's due on/or around August of 2007.  It isn't something I want to just give up on.

So, I need a game plan.... surprise, surprise... Samantha needs to make a plan!  We're gonna start small, with little to few expectations.  But this blog will live on.  My main focus has shifted, because making YT videos, and my journey on that platform has been INCREDIBLE, but I shall not close up shop on here.  

A schedule may be implemented, back to the things I loved to post (i.e. Meal Plans, Recipes, Organizational tips), or it may be more sporadic.  I am going to take some time to figure out what is best.  Adding more to my plate means less sleep, and boy do I love to sleep... as I type this at 12:17am, go figure!  

So if you haven't already head over to Happily A Housewife on YT because it is pretty happening over there if I do say so myself.... also leave a comment on this post letting me know a bit more about you!


  1. Samantha as a fellow Aussie Mum of 3 girls 6, 4 and 2 I take my hat off too you! I love this blog and your channel. I am like you I am not a good writer and I wish I was. At the end of the day if you are happy then that is what matters. Just do what you can when you can. I think the idea of sharing recipes is a good one. keep up the awesome work :)

  2. Hi Samantha, It is great to hear that you will continue this blog :) As I have recently started blogging myself, I have new found appreciation for what you do, especially with 3 kids and a very happening YT channel. Keep up the good work!