Erin Condren *NEW* Address Book Review

Everyone knows how in love I am with Erin Condren Designs.   This order actually marked my TENTH order through the site!  I decided after the new Address Books were released to add it to my collection.  The main change that had me interested was the addition of the tabs!

As you can see above, I am kind of obsessed with the color cornflower right now.  The design I chose was Candy Lace with the color way of Cornflower and Grey.  The bottom photo shows the size comparison to my current life planner.  

Here is a closer look at the actual address pages in the book.  Also the Special Dates pages, which are a favorite in my book! 

Like most EC products, there is a zipper pouch in the back, as well as the keep it together folder.  The entire book including the tabs are very vibrant and colorful.  The quotes throughout the book are inspiring and beautiful.

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Below is an unboxing and first impression video of my address book!

Now tell me, what is your favorite Erin Condren Product???

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