10 Ways To Get Organized For The Start Of The School Year!

Getting the kids ready to head back to school after a long, fun, and hopefully relaxing summer can be tough.  Being organized and planning ahead can really help get you back into the routine of early mornings, lunch packing, and homework.

Here are 10 Ways Moms Can Get Organized For The Start Of The School Year!

10.  Establish Routine Early: Take a week or two before the new school year to set a new routine.  Whether that be earlier bedtimes, alarms being set in the mornings, getting up and dressed instead lounging around the house.  Whatever your schedule will be on the first day of school, practice NOW!

9.  Set Up Stations: I will be going more into these stations in the coming week, but having locations in your home to accomplish certain tasks will keep things in order.  We have a lunch packing cabinet, a shelf for homework supplies (located where we do homework), and an area dedicated for the kids school coats and backpacks.  

8.  Layout Your Fall Schedule:  Making an outline of how each week will look with school drop offs/ pick ups, weekly meetings, activities, and obligations that will happen each week will help you see how your routine will flow.  This will also help you see if you are overbooking your schedule and need to pare it down a bit.

7.  Create A Paperwork Command Center:  By simply using a three ringed binder and some dividers I made a book where all the forms from school and activities can be saved.  Instead of being piled up on a desk never to be looked at again, it is neatly organized by child so it can be saved and referred to as needed.  

6.  Stock Up On Food:  Having a full pantry makes my heart happy... odd maybe, but it works.  Not having to run to the store each day at 5 o'clock to get a missing ingredient for dinner is a life saver.  Being stocked up also means you have plenty of options for the kids lunch boxes as well.

5.  Meal Plan Easy Meals:  For me, quick and easy is the way to go the first few weeks of school.  It really is a hectic time, so stick to the basics.  Meal planning is a great way to save time, money, and the headache that comes around 5PM each day.  

4.  Keep It Simple The First Month:  Along with keeping meals simple, also keep your schedule simple.  Stick to what is necessary.  We never plan on traveling the first month of school.  We also try to keep our weekends clear so we can have some down time to regroup each week and spend some time together.  

3.  De-Clutter High Traffic Areas:  Going into the first week of school I like to feel like I am as organized as I can be.  I work on decluttering areas of our home that we use most frequently.  Our entryway closet, the kids clothing, our pantry.  Our house runs more smoothly if everything is in it's place. 

2.  Address Any Issues With The School BEFORE The First Day:  Have y'all been in a school on the morning of the first day.... it is more insane than Toys R Us on Black Friday.  My advice is, if you need to discuss things with the nurse, secretary, teacher, anyone, schedule a time to do it before hand.  

1.  Make It Fun:  Once you are prepared and feeling like super mom, enjoy the time, grab the camera and remember that summer will come again....

Below is my video version of my 10 tips to prepare for back to school!


  1. Love this! Being prepared and organized is so key to success in anything, especially when kids are involved.

  2. Great list!! You have the prettiest blog! <3